More great thinking via ChangeThis

The latest batch of manifestos from ChangeThis are released today.

Since ChangeThis launched in August, the collection of manifestos has grown to over 40. (Read the manifesto about ChangeThis (PDF) to understand what ChangeThis and manifestos are.)

Manifesto topics are wide ranging and represent some really great thinking and original ideas. These are five of my favourites that you might also find useful and enjoyable to read:

  • Why Diversity Rules by Jerry Colonna: We say we value diversity but are we really willing to accept the diversity of personality and style?
  • Slacker @ Work by Brendan Connelly: Slackers are opportunists. They’re very good at seeking out and doing what they enjoy. Problem is, the current culture tends to view slackers as do-nothing layabouts. In truth, when you let a slacker do something they enjoy – and pay them for it – you’ve got the world’s best employee on your hands.
  • The CEO of the 21st Century by Mark Goulston: Judgement. Integrity. Character. Courage. These are the four things every CEO needs to be successful today. Read why these four attributes are so important, and examples of what can happen when they’re ignored.
  • This I Believe! – Tom’s 60 TIBs by Tom Peters: The marketing and strategy guru holds forth on why audacity matters, why women are the future of leadership, and why diversity is crucial to business success.
  • Do Less by Seth Godin: For your company to do more, sometimes you need to do less! Stop trying to be all things to all people (or customers), and focus (in your life and in your work) on your core strengths. Your business (and probably your sanity) are likely to improve.

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  1. Wow, thanks for the inclusion in such a high-minded list, Neville! Glad you dig the Slacker@Work essay…be sure to drop by the Slacker Manager blog for your daily fill of slacker perspective. 🙂

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