The net groans under the strain

So are the US elections to blame for internet connectivity issues today?

Since mid afternoon Central European Time today (early morning US Eastern time), I’ve seen difficulties in connecting to a number of blogs and websites in the US. Lots of time-outs, and some “site doesn’t exist” error messages re sites that I know do exist (or, at least, were there this morning).

I’ve had some very peculiar issues with my own domain name service which has email forwarding – I’m getting send-email errors via my Dutch ISP with DNS error messages that say the domain doesn’t exist. And some incoming mail gets to me, some doesn’t. At least Gmail works.

I’ve been unable to connect at all to one site I really wanted to today – the IT Kitchen blog to post a contribution to the ongoing clinic. I’ve just seen a post in my RSS webfeeds (not the site: I can’t access it) from Shelley Powers, the Kitchen’s master chef, noting that her ISP has some servers down. That ISP also hosts several Florida county supervisor sites, she says.

Over at Internet Traffic Report, I notice in the latest raw data report that quite a few net routers are showing values in the routing indexes of 60 or less (meaning slow and unreliable connections), as well as a handful in the US and Europe indicating 50% packet losses (some at 100%).

Hopefully, things will be a bit more normal tomorrow.

Does this mean the US elections are to blame? Well, they’re as good a culprit as any.