Delta employee blogger now fired

The latest development in the story about Ellen Simonetti, suspended by her employer Delta Airlines for posting a photo on her Queen of the Sky personal blog – she has now been fired.

A BBC News report says that Ellen is initiating legal action against the airline for "wrongful termination". Delta has repeatedly declined to comment on what it calls "internal employee matters," and a Delta spokesperson reiterated this position on Wednesday, the BBC report said. The spokesperson did confirm that there were "very clear rules" attached to the unauthorized use of Delta branding, including uniforms.

This now has all the makings of a major public communication issue for Delta. In a post on her blog yesterday afternoon, Ellen says: "If you are a member of the press, please email me at [address] and I will forward you my PR firm’s contact info." She has a PR firm!

Observing developments with keen interest.

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UPDATE 17 November: See post More than meets the eye in Delta employee blogger case.

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  1. Delta blogger fired

    Neville Hobson reports that Ellen Simonetti has been fired for real this time by her employer, Delta Air Lines. Delta has claimed that their issue with Simonetti — who goes

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