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I discovered Kinja today. It’s been around a while, since early this year, but I’d not seen it before.

What a neat service! In essence, it’s a portal that contains digests of posts from blogs that you’re interested in. Once you’ve opened your free account, you set it up with the URLs of blogs you want to track. It presents posts from those blogs with a brief portion, a digest, of each one.

Read more about how it works on the Kinja site.

If you want to see how a digest looks, try the one I’ve just set up for some of the blogs I like to read:

Kinja, the weblog guide

If you already use Kinja and would like to add my blog to your digest, here’s the link:

Add to your Kinja digest

I like this digest idea. I’d say it would complement your RSS feeds – those give you headlines and then complete posts (ideally) which you click on a link to go to the blog or site concerned.

Kinja operates in a similar way, but I think it’s easier on the eye to scan topics and digests the way Kinja presents the info.

The only trouble is, it’s yet another thing to take time to do. I have about 100 or so sites in my RSS reader and that’s pretty time consuming (and I never get to them all). So I have major respect for Robert Scoble who wades through nearly 1,000 feeds per day, the content of many of which he publishes in his link blog.

So as it develops, I see my new Kinja digest as being a bit like the Scoble link blog, only on far a more modest scale.

By the way, the main person behind Kinja is Nick Denton, founder of the Gawker Media range of web properties. I blogged about him last month.

4 thoughts on “Kinja for handy digests

  1. You’re right. Kinja can complement your regular feeds nicely. I use Bloglines for all my work and “serious” blog stuff while I call down Kinja for hobby, off-duty, doesn’t matter if I miss one feeds (such as food and drink links).

  2. Kinja is absolutely brilliant, really saves time to have everything in one place.
    Funny thing is, my Kinja told me about this post c”,)

  3. That sounda a good mix/balance, Neil. I think that’s probably how I’ll develop my digest: stuff that I’m interested in that isn’t always related to what I write about here.
    One of the other things I like about Kinja is how easy it is to share your digest.
    Good to hear that, Maggi! I actually found out about Kinja through a Technorati link on something I’d posted here recently that was in someone’s Kinja digest.

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