More advice on corporate blogging

Yet more advice for communicators to pay attention to, from Michael Gartenberg at Jupiter Research:

Blogs are rapidly becoming a mainstream technology, but there’s lot at stake when an individual or business begins blogging to the outside world. Some organizations have a culture that allows for blogging to take place with minimal disruption, and blogging can actually enhance their conversations with the outside world. While not all businesses fall into this category, they all must deal with weblogs, even if they don’t have corporate blogs of their own.

Three considerations:

  1. Know what’s being said about your company on other people’s weblogs.
  2. Go slowly when creating official corporate blogs.
  3. Establish guidelines for workers who identify themselves as company employees while doing personal blogging.

Similarities to the recommendations in the Forrester Research report about corporate blogging, published last week (see post).

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