Helping Firefox spread the word

If you’re a committed Firefox user and want to help spread the word more than just by including a graphic on your blog, here’s how you can.

Things you can do include:

  • Translate flyers
  • Help translate the Mozilla Europe pages (see also Mozilla Europe’s wiki)
  • Help translate applications from the Mozilla Foundation (this isn’t usually done by a single person)
  • Just give your opinion to the translators

You can also give the localization teams a hand. Learn more at the Mozilla localization project page.

Spread Firefox | More Ways You Can Help

The latest info re the full-page ad in the New York Times is that it’s planned to be published during the first half of December, according to a post on the Spread Firefox site.

So here’s another way you can help spread the word – write a short quote that may be used in the NY Times ad. What Firefox is looking for is this:

While you can tell your story in as many words as you want in the story forum, what we really need are short quips that sum up why someone else should switch to Firefox. These quotes may end up being used in the New York Times ad or elsewhere, so they need to be short and sweet and have as little geekspeak as possible! (In fact, listen to this NPR piece to get a sense of how we should be talking to our audience.)

These guys are doing a terrific marketing job (and maybe this is a good example that highlights why traditional marketing is in trouble – see my post on 18 November) and let’s help them all we can.

See the Spread Firefox site for details and more info.

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2 thoughts on “Helping Firefox spread the word

  1. Yes, but what about those of us who bought into the Firefox dream (and the Mac dream for that matter) and are disillusioned?
    Have to say I’m fed up with reading the sanctimony about it all (sorry!). I wouldn’t mind the alternative (non-Microsoft) point of view being expressed, if only it wasn’t done in such a sanctimonious way.
    I wasted my money on a Mac for home use, and I’m forced to use Firefox to make it usable for browsing, but I much prefer IE at work. Trouble is, you don’t allow us to say it. And this fabled/famous NYT ad certainly won’t put a balanced point of view.

  2. There are quite a few alternatives, Andrew. Firefox isn’t the only game in town.
    I’m not an expert on Macs, but what about Safari? Even IE for the Mac?
    On Windows, you’ve got Maxthon and Opera, to name but two. I like Maxthon a lot, the one I used before switching to Firefox.
    I’m no Microsoft basher, believe me (I like their software!), but the reality is that IE and browsers based on IE present too many security risks and bad behaviour when compared with Firefox. IMO.
    Plus I just like the way in which Firefox marketing is happening!

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