How to get the real facts about business blogging

Is this a coincidence? Research company MindBranch, based in the US, has on its website a report produced by Janus Risk Management called Web Logs: Blog Threat Management.

A few weeks ago, an Irish research company called Research and Markets published a report on blogging in the enterprise, also entitled Web Logs: Blog Threat Management (see my post).

I haven’t purchased either of the reports so I can’t tell how similar they are or not.

It’s not April already, is it?

Whatever. I’d suggest you save yourself the $995 MindBranch is asking for their report, and the €1,000 Research and Markets is asking for theirs, and instead go to any of the blogs authored by business bloggers to get a sense of what they have to say from a position of actual knowledge. Two places to start – Business Blog Consulting and Corporate Blogging Info.

If you do want research-based recommendations, then take a look at some credible and balanced analysis and commentary from analysts Charlene Li of Forrester Research (and you might want to invest $350 in Forrester’s report Blogging: Bubble Or Big Deal? When And How Businesses Should Use Blogs) or Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research.

(News about the MindBranch report via Josh Hallett)