The copywriter who may now get it

Copywriter and direct marketer Bob Bly, who was vilified by many bloggers earlier this month for his claim that blogs are a complete waste of time, has now started his own blog.

As a result of Bly’s claim, some interesting conversations developed on a number of blogs, including mine, in which Bly did participate – see the comments in this post, for example.

It’s a smart move – defend your point of view, yet be willing to be persuaded to a different point of view, by using the same communication channel as everyone else: a blog.

And that’s already got a vibrant conversation going on his blog.

Good plan, Bob – you’re getting a lot of exposure!

One thought on “The copywriter who may now get it

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    Bob Bly has started a new blog, from the perspective of a direct marketer. I want to provide the blogosphere with a view from my side of the fence as a member of another “sphere” – old-fashioned direct marketers who…

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