Sound advice for pitching bloggers

While Google searching relating to a communication project I’m working on, I came across an interesting article on the PRSA website about pitching bloggers. Nothing to do with what I was searching for, but it made me stop and read it.

Consider these key points from the article:

The most important thing a publicist can do before pitching a blogger is to carefully read his or her blog. […] In order to begin a conversation with one – and it should be viewed as a conversation, rather than a pitch – it is vital that you are well-acquainted with the interests of the blogger.

And this:

When communicating with blogs, make sure to be completely open and honest about why you are contacting them, disclosing your organizational affiliation. Keep it to the point and always make sure to include a link to a published story or item that they might consider featuring. Do not ask bloggers to link to your client’s site or latest press release. Bloggers are sensitive about becoming mouthpieces for other organizations and companies, which is the reason they began blogging in the first place. […] But what if your client doesn’t seem quite right for blog outreach? Blogs can still prove helpful in terms of keeping on top of news and trends that may impact PR campaign strategies.

Very timely and good advice for PRs (and for companies directly: think BlogSquirrel, for instance, and what they should have done).

Now here’s what’s also interesting. The article was written in early 2002 – over two and a half years ago – by Lloyd Trufelman and Laura Goldberg of New York-based Trylon Communications. While some things have moved on a lot since 2002, much of what the article discusses is absolutely relevant today.

Credit where credit is due.

PRSA| Pitching Blogs: Latest Type Of Online Media Vehicle May Provide Valuable PR Opportunities

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