IABC Chair blog: About to be relaunched?

Brian Kilgore asks: Is the IABC chairman’s blog dead or alive?

It does look dead. No new posts since 24 October (the 30-day anniversary of no posts was marked last week). While the IABC Chair blog is still there, the link to it has now disappeared from the home page of IABC’s main website. So unless you know the specific address, you can no longer find it.

Perhaps IABC is planning to relaunch the blog. I do hope so.

I wrote to David Kistle, IABC’s chairman, last week with some friendly suggestions on how to develop the blog (for instance, open it up and enable guest posting by other members of IABC’s Executive Board) and actually make it into an effective communication channel that has valuable content and is updated frequently and regularly. I was a bit disappointed not to hear any reply from David. Fellow IABC members and bloggers Shel Holtz and Allan Jenkins have also posted suggestions on their blogs.

IABC can still pick up the ball. If they’re serious about the blog, that is.

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