Google AdSense one driver of domain name growth

VeriSign reports 5.1 million new domain name registrations during the third quarter – the largest quarterly growth in new domain names in internet history.

A report by says that this is nearly a half-million more than the previous quarter’s addition of 4.7 million, and puts the total number of domain names around the world at 66.3 million. The figure for all of 2003 was 60 million.

Verisign said that much of the credit for the newfound growth in domain names in 2004 goes to the pay-per-click advertising industry. Other factors include the increased access and availability of the internet and improvement in the global economy.

"The Google AdSense program and other programs like that, that’s spurring on the increased, rapid purchase of domain names in the U.S.," said Raynor Dahlquist, VeriSign name services group acting vice president. | Ad Programs Drive Record Domain Name Growth

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