Contribute thinking for a new communication model

As part of preparation for an IAOC blog discussion in January, Elizabeth Albrycht is asking for thought contributions from communicators:

I believe a fundamental shift in the entire model of communications (under which I include marketing, PR, advertising, etc.) is now possible. I am talking about moving from the old command/control, uni-directional, war-metaphor driven practices of the past to a cooperative, multi-directional model a la the Cluetrain.

I have written a lot about how I think communications is changing, and others have as well. But this information is currently fragmented, anecdotal and spread all over the place. What I decided I wanted to do was to synthesize this information with theories from communications studies, media ecology, philosophy and science and technology studies, and come up with a new model that people can use, test, improve, etc.

Details at Elizabeth’s blog.