A bevy of books on blogging

The Red Couch isn’t the only new book in the works on blogging.

There are quite a few! Jeremy Wright has compiled a list and some comments about what each title plans to cover, which you can read in Jeremy’s post.

Here’s the list:

Plus, of course, Jeremy’s as yet untitled book.

There’s also Blog: Understand the New Information Revolution and How It Is Redefining the Media, the Culture, and Business by Hugh Hewitt, due out in January.

3 thoughts on “A bevy of books on blogging

  1. Hi Neville
    Just a little clarification.
    Yes – I just wrote a Master Thesis about “Weblogs – a Catalyst for Radical Innovation”, and Yes I stumbled over many interesting perspectives during my writing.
    The “book” that I’m announcing will not be written by me alone – at least I hope so – It will be written by you, you and you, the Blogosphere who wants to contribute. I’m only framing the hole thing and of course writing a chapter here and there…..
    Please join – The WIKI will be up and running in a day or two.
    Best Regards
    Hans Henrik

  2. Looking forward to it, Hans!
    I saw an interesting comment this morning in a post by Rex Hammock (he mentions your project as well): “Here’s my suggestion for avoiding a blog book war: All of you surrender immediately and stop writing books about blogging. You’re bloggers. If you have something to tell us, blog it. And please, this goes doubly for anyone out there with an idea for a magazine about blogging: please, please don’t do it.”
    See his post at http://rexblog.com/2004/12/06#a5162
    He has a point – suddenly so many books about blogging; will there be a market for them all?
    Maybe rather than everyone stop, as Rex suggests, why not get everyone collaborating together on a single book project?

  3. rexblog library of accidental blog books

    rexblog library of accidental blog books: My post lamenting the coming on-slaught of books about blogging drew a suggestion from one of the authors that I bark up another dead tree.

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