2 thoughts on “Firefox momentum continues

  1. Your advocacy for Firefox is what made me take interest. And I am still loving it.
    Some weeks ago you noted that many of your readers are using the Fox, which made me check my own stats. Many days, Firefox usage is over the 50%, even 60% mark.
    I don’t think that Firefox has anything like that sort of usage out in the mainstream, but it confirms that blog readers are early adapters.
    But — it all bodes well for Firefox, don’t you think?

  2. Yes, I do think that. I’d ve read some recent reports talking about how their market share is gradually nudging upwards. Reality, though: IE has over 90% of the browser market and I can’t imagine any dent in that for some time.
    Firefox is a good browser, but it’s not perfect. Still, it is the best available, IMO.

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