Microsoft ramps up the FUD

Following the announcement of Oracle’s acquisition of PeopleSoft on 13 December, I wrote about the outbreak of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) that began with comments by an SAP executive.

Now comes news about moves by Microsoft seeking to lure PeopleSoft customers away.

Microsoft-Watch reports that Microsoft didn’t waste any time in trying to win over ERP customers who might be unhappy with Oracle‘s purchase of PeopleSoft.

On 15 December, Microsoft-Watch says, the head of Microsoft’s sales and marketing for North America, corporate vice president Bill Veghte, sent an open email letter to PeopleSoft customers, inviting them to consider Microsoft’s ERP products as alternatives.

Microsoft-Watch’s report also says:

Steve Tenant, a software industry-marketing consultant (and founder of the PeopleSoft Alumni Network of former PeopleSoft employees), noted that Microsoft’s approach could disrupt the PeopleSoft/Oracle sales cycle.

Letters like Veghte’s attract "the attention of prospective customers in different ways depending on where they are in the buying cycle," Tenant said. " Early on, if a customer is finalizing a short list of vendors being considered to solve a problem, they might reevaluate and include Microsoft. In later stages, it could delay a decision for PeopleSoft and open the door for Microsoft or other players. In short, in a world where a 2.5 percent to 3 percent response rate on a letter is considered a success, the tactic works. Plus, there’s little downside for trying."

FUD indeed.

Microsoft-Watch | Microsoft Seeks To Lure PeopleSoft Users

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