New cards gapingvoid style

Business cards are essential, as everyone knows. Since my start up in November, I’ve relied on home-produced cards, printed out on my desktop printer using good template card stock from Avery. Not bad. Cheap and cheerful.

Yes, but a bit boring.

So I’ve ordered some new business cards that will have one of Hugh McLeod’s gapingvoid cartoons on the back. Those cartoons are completely and beautifully outrageous, but I’ve gone for one of the ‘safe’ ones.

The one I wanted isn’t in the blogcards catalog yet:

So I made my second choice:

According to the blogcards ordering website, I should get the cards within 10 days or so. Then I’ll quickly find out how other business people’s sense of humour/wonder/cynicism matches my own (and Hugh’s).

Be different – order some of your own!