The final frontier of cellphone-free travel

Last week’s news that in-flight wi-fi is here and plans are in hand to let you make mobile phone calls while flying seems to have displeased lots of people in the US.

Engadget reports that less than a week after word surfaced that the US Federal Communications Commision is considering dropping its ban on inflight cellphone usage, travelers have deluged the agency with flames about the potential policy shift. As reported by Reuters, Engadget says, the FCC has received over 1,200 emails on the subject, with many flyers griping that they don’t want to have to listen in on still more loud conversations. Some included creative solutions, such as the idea of a partitioned area for cellphone users.

Engadget | Travelers flame FCC over inflight cellphones

Here’s another suggestion – have a complete flight class that’s only for mobile phone users, as in the old days when airlines had smoking sections. Make everyone complete pariahs!

This article in USA Today has some more suggestions.