Journalists and bloggers can learn from each other

Two very thoughful articles by Steve Outing of PoynterOnline explain in some detail what journalists can learn from bloggers, and vice versa.

US focused of course, but every practical point Steve includes in his articles is valid for any blogger in Europe, too.

Take a look:

  • What Journalists Can Learn From Bloggers: Blogging isn’t just a Wild-West free-for-all of publishing with no rules or ethical guidelines. Bloggers are making up the rules of their emerging and increasingly powerful medium as they go, and they do indeed have ideas to offer those practicing traditional journalism.
  • What Bloggers Can Learn From Journalists: Bloggers need to eat their vegetables, too, if they expect to grow up and win the respect of larger audiences and survive the rigors of long-term publishing. So, while mainstream journalists have much that they can learn from the experiences of bloggers, bloggers could learn a thing or two from traditional journalists.

(Via Micro Persuasion)