Thinking time for PeopleSoft employees over Christmas

It’s time for PeopleSoft customers and employees to start thinking about the future and about protecting their own interests, because nobody else is going to be watching out for them, says an eWeek report.

Benevolent or paternalistic aren’t words that have ever been seriously associated with Oracle or with its founder and CEO, Larry Ellison. Business is business, and now that PeopleSoft is about to disappear into Oracle’s labyrinthine halls, everybody is going to have to cut the best deal that they can.

So, to all PeopleSoft employees, that means taking a close look at your role at PeopleSoft and soberly considering whether there will be a place for you in the new organization.

eWeek Enterprise Apps | Time for PeopleSoft Customers, Workers to Cut Best Deal

Wise advice. My experience in working for an enterprise software company that was acquired in mid 2004 was similar – you need to be brutally realistic as you observe what’s going on (and, indeed, what’s not going on) during the lead-up to the deal being announced, what shots the acquiring company are calling, more so in the period in between the announcement and when the transaction is actually completed.

When it comes to cutting a deal, you’ve got two clear options – what you want if you continue with the new company, and what you want if you leave. While you may decide to make some compromises, don’t accept any that you (and your family) can’t live with.

Often, the best career moves happen in times of considerable workplace uncertainty and radical change.

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