Rolling out the catch-up recipe

One of the exasperating things about being away and wholly offline for a week is the catch-up required when you get back. This used to mean reviewing the 300+ emails that arrived when you were offline for that time.

My recipe for that is quite simple. There’s no way you should spend the time going through such a volume, reviewing, answering as required, etc. You have to focus on those that you need to pay attention to relatively immediately; the rest you might get to later, or not. If you miss something, well, so be it.

Now it also means applying the same recipe to reviewing your RSS feeds as you see what’s been going on whilst you were away.

A quick scan this morning of just three of the primary feeds I read every day shows that there has been a lot happening. So I’ve earmarked much of today for some primary-feed reading and reviewing. Some commenting here as appropriate with hopefully not too much that’s already been talked about elsewhere.

Let me know if you see too much of “Yes, that’s very interesting but we know about that already” in the next few days.