A dark New Year’s Eve

They’ve got this right. From a detailed Reuters report this New Year’s Eve:

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (Reuters) – Aircraft, naval vessels and trucks struggled Friday to deliver aid around stricken southern Asia as the death toll passed more than 124,000 from a tsunami that darkened the world’s New Year.

A dark New Year’s Eve indeed. Millions homeless in South Asia, thousands still missing (including tourists from over 36 countries), aid organizations trying to do all they can in such a wide area, governments grappling with making unenviable decisions on how to get relief as quickly as possible to where it’s needed. (Latest info: BBC News Asia Quake Disaster pages.)

Such a terrible tragedy that, even nearly a week after the event, understanding the true scale of it is still difficult to do.

It may sound a little trite under the circumstances, but I would like to wish every visitor to my blog a Happy and Peaceful New Year celebration.

2 thoughts on “A dark New Year’s Eve

  1. You too Neville. I thought about commenting on my blog on the tsunami, but what can one say? I’m just relieved that the four people I knew in the area are ok.
    Let’s make 2005 a better year for all.

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