Bloggers without borders

Via Loic le Meur, I’ve just seen Bloggers without Borders, launched last week:

Bloggers without Borders is a citizen journalism hub, dedictated to raising conscience for, and about, events around the world. We use the tools and exposure of modern citizen journalism as a means to lend a hand in the creation of awareness and outbound information management.

Here’s who’s behind it:

BwoB was born in October 2004 as an idea by Sean Bonner. Sean quickly brought Jonas Luster, Xeni Jardin, and Wil Wheaton on board, and for the following weeks, Jonas worked on the technical side of things. When Sri Lanka and the South East Asian region fell victim to a 9.0 earthquake and the resulting tsunami, we knew we had to bring online what we had. This is, where BwoB is today. We continue to add features, and will introduce a few great ones in short order, but for the time being, it’s a weblog, a forum, and a means to communicate and coordinate.

Great initiative!