IABC webinar on blogging and RSS

Not sure when this was first advertised, but I just noticed on the IABC website that IABC is holding a teleseminar (webinar?) on Thursday 20 January about blogging, presented by Steve Rubel:

Weblogs, citizen journalism and a new technology called really simple syndication (RSS) have permanently changed how companies need to communicate online. Millions of bloggers are actively reporting news, creating a backchannel to the mainstream press. At the same time, corporate blogs are also a tremendous opportunity for the PR professional. They can showcase the people and thought leadership behind an organization via an unfiltered channel. How do these new technologies impact the PR professional? Where do you get started? That’s what this session will help you understand.

This session will explain:

  • The new media ecosystem we live in and how it differs from the old world
  • How to monitor blogs
  • What smart companies are integrating blogs into the existing corporate communications channels
  • How to get started with RSS

A great opportunity to learn from the comfort of your office desk (chair).

According to the info on IABC’s website, this one-hour event takes places twice on 20 January – one session starting at 8:00am Pacific time (4:00pm GMT) and the other at 4:00pm Pacific time (midnight GMT). $99 for IABC members and $129 for non members. You can sign up online.

Speaking about IABC, the IABC Chair blog looks like it’s slipped back into near-oblivion again, with no posts since 9 December.