The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #1: January 3, 2005

Show notes for January 3, 2005

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Welcome to our first podcast, a 43–minute conversation recorded live via Skype from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

Download the file here (MP3, 19.85Mb), or sign up for the RSS feed to get it and future shows automatically. (For this, you’ll need an ipodder, software that lets you subscribe to receive podcasts automatically.)

In this week’s show:

  • 00:00 Intro – Shel and Neville on who they are, why they’re doing this and what this show’s about.
  • 04:43 Podcasting – its potential as a powerful communication tool for organizations, with some ideas for typical uses.
  • 15:30 The tsunami tragedy in Asia – the role of blogs as great examples of how they can help organizations, plus discussion on specific blogs and how they’re helping relief efforts.
  • 35:08 Wrap – two topics coming up in next week’s show (New Communications Forum 2005 and copyright issues for bloggers); how to give your feedback.

Links for the blogs, companies and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the show:

If you have comments or questions about this show, or suggestions for our future shows, email us at You can email your comments, questions and suggestions as MP3 file attachments, if you wish (max. 5Mb attachment, please!). We’ll be happy to see how we can include your audio contribution in a show.

Until next week…

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So, the pre-launch podcast just before Christmas and now our first actual podcast. While we had a few technical difficulties with Skype and the recording software this time as we started our recording – which Shel resolved without too much pain! – I think we’re both pretty happy with the end result from a content and presentation point of view.

But what actually counts is what you think, so do let us know.