Skype to introduce voicemail

Skype, the company behind the flourishing internet telephony network, has begun to experiment with a voicemail service, hoping to introduce new paid offerings to capitalize on its success, eWeek reports.

The company confirmed on Tuesday that it was testing voicemail, which a spokeswoman said was scheduled to be rolled out in the first half of the year. She declined to provide further details.

"We are testing voicemail as you know. But I can’t say anymore than that. We don’t have launch date—should be sometime this spring. It’s just in development phase," spokeswoman Kat James said in a Skype messaging chat.

eWeek | Skype Experimenting with Voice-Mail Service

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Clarification 6 Jan: Reuters have pointed out to me that the story in eWeek originated out of Reuters’ Amsterdam bureau and is copyright Reuters. I’m happy to make this clarification point here. As further clarification, I’d add that the eWeek article does clearly attribute authorship/ownership of the full story to Reuters.

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