Using blogs to get global awareness

Elizabeth Albrycht has written a terrific article about business blogging, just published in IABC’s online member newsletter, CW Bulletin.

This isn’t the usual kind of article about how cool blogs are and let’s do one. What I like in particular about it is that it addresses the topic from the point of view of how blogs can be an effective means of helping an organization improve its visibility, with a strong focus on the benefits of linking and search engine rankings.

Elizabeth discusses some of the key points for organizations in how to go about planning a blog, who should be involved and some of the ways to get started.

For example:

There are a variety of rules and conventions of blogging that are changing and evolving as more organizations jump into the mix. There are many resources available, such as the archive of information at Global PR Blog Week that can help you understand the cultural standards of the blogosphere (as some people call the globally connected network of blogs). The best way to understand the nuances of this new communication tool and how to effectively use it to your advantage, however, is to start reading and contributing to blogs, even before you start your own.

The article also discusses some of the blogging tools and services available with links to more information.

Highly recommended for IABC members – this article will go a long way towards helping you gain understanding about blogs and the real and measurable benefits they offer to organizations.

IABC | CW Bulletin | Blogs: The Fast Track to Getting Global Awareness

The article can be accessed only by IABC members – when you click the link, you’ll get the login page on the IABC site. Why write about this if it’s not generally accessible? you may ask. Well, most of you who will read this post already know about the benefits of blogs. If you’re an IABC member, though, that’s not necessarily the case. So here’s your opportunity to find out more.

If you’re not an IABC member and want to find out more, then speak to Elizabeth.