Long wait for iPod Shuffle

Reuters via eWeek: Just one week after launching the tiny iPod Shuffle, a lightweight and much cheaper model of [Apple’s] market-leading digital music player, customers face a wait of two to four weeks before their order is shipped, according to the company’s website on Tuesday. […] There is a two- to three-week wait for the $99 iPod Shuffle, which holds about 120 songs, while customers face a wait of three to four weeks for the $149 model, which has double the capacity.


2 thoughts on “Long wait for iPod Shuffle

  1. I ordered a Shuffle on the 13th of January, and on the order confirmation I received, Apple wrote this:
    “Your order should ship on or before 03.02.2005
    Please allow a further 3-7 days from this date to deliver your order.
    Please note that these are business days and are estimated leadtimes only.”
    That’s a long wait time, I just hope it’s not later than that. Oh, and I got the 1GB model of course. Primarily because I need a sexy flash usb key for my powerbook.

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