The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #4: January 24, 2005

Show notes for January 24, 2005.

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Welcome to our weekly podcast, a 57:25-minute conversation recorded live via Skype from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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In this week’s show:


  • 00:24 Neville and Shel on what this show’s about

Short Takes:

  • 02:20 Comments and mail we’ve received about the show
  • 06:45 My Blog: Margot Wallström, Commissioner for Communications at the European Commission
  • 10:40 Randy’s Journal: Randolph S. Baseler, VP Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
  • 13:55 Email vs. face-to-face


  • 17:20 Interview: A conversation with Jay Byrne, President, v-Fluence Interactive Public Relations, Inc
  • 37:25 PR monitoring of blogs
  • 39:05 Flakgate: Is PR dead, and the role of communication associations in representing the profession


  • 48:50 We’ll be podcasting from the New Communications Forum in Napa this week
  • 50:05 Show length: Is it too long? Should we split it into two shows? We need your feedback
  • 52:10 Upcoming Interview: Bigha
  • 52:30 How to give your feedback; about the music and the band

Links for the blogs, companies and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the show:

Short Takes – Jackie Danicki, iPod, Saab 9-3 iPod, BMW iPod, Robert French, Heather Hollick, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Margot Wallström, Vice-President of the European Commission, North Sea Diaries, Jac Nasser, Randolph S. Baseler, VP Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Technorati, BlogPulse, Roger D’Aprix, IDC, Siemens, USA Today, Veritas, Google comment spam tag, Microsoft email caller ID.

Features – Jay Byrne, v-Fluence, Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson, Segway, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Business Week Tech Beat, Cory Edwards, PubSub, Kryptonite, Ketchum Communications, US Dept of Education, Armstrong Williams, No Child Left Behind, Jay Rosen, Rathergate, Richard Edelman, Jeremy Pepper, Tom Murphy, Elizabeth Albrycht, Mike Manuel, Steve Rubel, Rebecca Blood, PRSA, Council of Public Relations Firms, IABC, IABC Chair blog, Trevor Cook, Linda Zimmer, Cluetrain Manifesto.

Outro – New Communications Forum 2005, iPodder, FeedDemon, Marqui, Allan Jenkins, IT Conversations, Bigha,, RIAA, Rose Robbins, A Shel of My Former Self, NevOn.

If you have comments or questions about this show, or suggestions for our future shows, email us at You can email your comments, questions and suggestions as MP3 file attachments, if you wish (max. 5Mb attachment, please!). We’ll be happy to see how we can include your audio contribution in a show.

One note regarding sound quality of this recording. We noticed some degrading of quality in some parts of the show. We’re not sure what the cause is – whether it’s Skype-related or our recording software – as we haven’t encountered this before. We hope it doesn’t spoil your listening experience.

Until later this week from Napa, California, and then next week’s regular show…

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  1. Spooky podcast moment

    At the same time as I was listening to this podcast (where I’m mentioned again this week – nothing major, just blogeeky), I was reading this blog…whose author was promptly mentioned by the podcast hosts within mere seconds of me…

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