EPIC: The age of participatory communication

I’m blogging in the keynote presentation being given by Andy Lark that starts the second day of the New Communications Forum 2005.

Andy advocates how the age of participatory communication that has already dawned will change forever the way we communicate.

To illustrate this, he presents EPIC, an 8-minute video showing a concept of what may happen over the next 10 years or so, as if it were made in 2014 looking back. Is this the future of news and information delivery and social networks? Google + Amazon = Googlezon? It’s certainly a credible projection that shows the signficant possibilities of how participatory communication can work on a broad level – this is about everything, not purely from a business perspective.

This concept will challenge many people’s conventional thinking. But, just like the way in which blogs will be pervasive in the workplace as envisioned by Forrester Research – I think this is a highly-credible possibility.

I just saw this post on the Marcomblog in my RSS feed that discusses this video (see the comments there for some additional thoughts), produced by Robin Sloan of the Poynter Institute. Go there for more details.