Shel’s offline but still doing business

Having a RAID hard disk setup on your server would usually be good insurance in case of some kind of system failure, hardware or otherwise, where if one drive goes down the other one has a mirror of everything.

Unfortunately, not in Shel Holtz’ case last night.

Shel has experienced the worse-case situation where both drives failed. Whether it’s the drives themselves or the RAID controller, or something else, he doesn’t know yet. Shel told me on a Skype call that the failure means that his blog, his business website and his email system are all currently offline. Luckily, he has a Gmail account so he can still keep in touch by email.

So as a public service for a colleague and fellow buisness blogger, this post is to let you know that while Shel’s offline for the next day or two, he’s alive and well (with a bit of a cold) and still doing business from Concord, California.

Update 5 Feb: After much sweat and tears, Shel’s now back up and running: email, blog and website.