BlogAid wrap up for tsunami aid

At the beginning of January, I made a pledge via BlogAid that I’d donate any earnings from this blog that I make in January from my Amazon Associates membership to the Dutch Red Cross tsunami relief programme.

A notice yesterday on the BlogAid website says:

BlogAid is now over so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who offered to donate their blog earning from January to help the Tsunami relief efforts. We’ve had 225 people pledge their support and so far these people have donated $6922.58 in advertising and affiliate earnings to a charity of their choice.

It’s too early to tell yet what any earnings from my blog might be as I’ve not yet had the Jan statement from Amazon. But if it’s like the last few months, I’d expect it to be in the cents range as opposed to dollars.

I’ve already donated $20 to the International Red Cross. So I’ve donated another $10 to the Dutch relief programme as meeting my BlogAid pledge.

Andy Budd, the man behind BlogAid, deserves a lot of thanks for organizing this grassroots support campaign.

One thought on “BlogAid wrap up for tsunami aid

  1. Hey Neville,
    I just registered my gift (since I, of course, make nothing from my blog) at Blogaid’s site. After you post your donation it gives you a total so far. As of my entry a few mintues ago, the total seems to be at: $7,479.46
    A good idea that Andy Budd does, indeed, deserve great praise for undertaking.

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