Getting generous with Gmail invitations

Is Google preparing Gmail for general rollout?

Today I noticed that I have this little box in my Gmail account saying that I’ve now got 50 Gmail invitations. When I looked yesterday, I still had the link saying I had 3.

And I noticed from a post by Josh Hallett that he’s also got 50 invitations. I bet many other Gmail account owners have the same. Hence my question – does this indicate preparation of some kind for a general rollout? Maybe by flooding out greater volumes of invitations in one go? Or maybe get some more buzz through bloggers posting speculative commentaries 😉 One thing I did notice, in Gmail’s instructions on how to invite people, is that the text was updated yesterday to reflect the change, ie, the little box instead of just a text link as it was before.

Gmail has been very successful so far. And the days seem to be gone when if you posted on your blog that you had 6 invitations, you’d be swamped with requests for one within a minute or two of your post.

So what do I do with 50 invitations? Everyone I know has a Gmail account now. Is there a charitable cause, preferably here in Europe, I can offer these to?

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  1. The trickle becomes a flood

    Loads of Gmail users (myself included) are opening their inboxes to find that they now have FIFTY invites to play with. Many are speculating that this could be a push to get Gmail publicity again before the official launch. More…

  2. So what to do with them all, Drew, is the question. I know there’s a programme in the US to donate email address to the military for the troops in Iraq. Is there something similar in the UK, do you know? Nothing here in the Netherlands.

  3. Neville, I found 50 more Gmail invites in my account as well. Although I immediately offered them up on my blog to anyone who happens by, I like your idea of donating them to a charity better. I’ll keep checking back here to see if anyone has noted a worthy recipient. Do you have a link to the programme in the US that you mentioned?
    Oddly, it almost feels like a burden to have so many Gmail accounts to give away.

  4. Neville:
    There’s still quite a bit of pent-up demand, at least based on what I’m seeing on my blogs. I’m giving them out as fast as I can reply to requests (at last count, I’ve handed out 30 this morning).

  5. Thanks for that, Matt. I just took a look at that forum. Wow! Invitations everywhere.
    Interesting that there seem to be literally thousands of Gmail invites on offer yet few takers.

  6. I’ve been waiting forever to get a Gmail account; for anyone who’s drowning in excess, please! Send a Gmail invitation my way! You’ll make my day!
    Gracias! Aviva

  7. Hi everyone, your requests are in, invitations will come to you as soon as I can get a minute to do them all. I’m going to need an assistanrt soon to help me out with this stuff… 😉

  8. Neville, if you still have any invitations I’d like one. SHould I then be given invitations once I have an account, I’ll give them to you so you can distribute them if you like.

  9. Ok, everyone, all invitations on their way.
    Some people are asking for more than one. That’s ok, but I need to have individual email addresses. That’s the way Google’s invitation system works – one invite goes to one specific email address.

  10. My husband is active duty military. I would like to get a gmail account for him. I have looked for someone who has one, but haven’t found anyone we know with one. If you know someone who still has invitations, it would be very nice to set up a gmail account for him and some of his buddies. Thanks.

  11. Ok, eveyone, sorry for the delays but the invite backlog is being taken care of now!
    No more invites from this point on, so I’m now closing commenting on this post. If anyone still needs invitations, there are links to other places in the comments above.

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