Hear the podcast, read the interview

During the New Communications Forum 2005 conference in California last week, Shel Holtz and I interviewed Jeremy Wright in a special podcast of For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report.

In that 30-minute conversation, Jeremy talks about his planned book on blogging, comments on his being dooced for blogging, and discusses his own blog and views on blogging for business. Download the MP3 file (27.6Mb) to listen.

On Thursday, Yvonne DiVita’s Lip-Sticking published a great discussion with Jeremy that will give you a more personal insight into Jeremy as he talks about his family and his life experiences.

Adds more depth and nicely complements the podcast.

2 thoughts on “Hear the podcast, read the interview

  1. The NewComm was outstanding not only in its presentations– I did not get a chance to attend yours but my partner did and he gave you high praise–but in its ability to bring together so many bloggers extraordinaire– bloggers such as Jeremy Wright, you, Shel, Andy, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Anita… as I write in my blog, the list is chock full of the kind of people who make blogging worthwhile– people who blog to connect with others, not to “get famous.” If fame comes, it’s well deserved, as Jeremy shows in his interview. Now…let’s set up an interview for you, Nev. I have readers who want to hear from great thinkers overseas… women readers especially. Interested??

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