How to use iPodder

This is very neat – a simple audio-visual guide on how to use iPodder, a program that enables you to manage your podcasts and, optionally, synchronize them with your iPod or other digital player if you have one.

Lisa Williams has put together an entertaining 4-minute video that explains how. I followed the video and finally figured out how to do it with iPodder. Thanks, Lisa! There is a manual for iPodder but, as Lisa says, people don’t read manuals 😉

Lisa’s video is in Real format, unfortunately. But you don’t have to install and use that program – there is a great alternative called (logically) Real Alternative. The same functionality without all the ads and popups and stealing file associations and trying to connect to the net all the time.

Also, see PC Magazine’s review of iPodder last week.

Related: Another free app for downloading and managing your podcasts is DopplerRadio. They’ve just announced version 2.

(Hat tip: Scoble’s Link Blog)

A few weeks ago, I posted an explanation of what podcasts and podcasting are. In a comment in her post, Lisa says it better and more simply:

Podcasts are just Mp3s. You can treat them the way you would treat any other Mp3. The thing that’s different about podcasting is the delivery method – instead of copying songs from your CD collection or downloading a song online, you have an RSS reader that goes out and scans for new podcasts and downloads them when there’s something new. But the end result is the same; you still have an Mp3 file to do whatever you do with all your other Mp3 files to get them onto your player.