McDonalds deceives with fake blog

What do you make of this? Kevin Dugan writes about a website and faux blog from McDonalds as part of their advertising in yesterday’s Superbowl:

[…] Anyway, I dutifully visited the site and was intrigued initially to see it also had a blog. Then I realized it is a fake blog. Even the post comments are bogus. Boo. Hiss. What’s the point? No one in their right mind would believe the blog is real. So while it is not deceptive, it still stinks. The site is so very camp to begin with; the fake blog is simply trying too hard.

A faux blog is one thing as part of a marketing and advertising campaign. All part of today’s marketing mix, it seems. But, note what Kevin says – the comments to posts are fake.

That looks like deception to me. And some people say PR has an ethical problem!

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