Clarity in communication

Here’s a plain-speaking description of a blog commenting policy that no one could possibly misunderstand:

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment on the articles I post on this blog. Please understand that unless your comments get read and reviewed by me, they don’t get posted. Some days I literally receive hundreds of comments, and simply can’t get to them all. I read as many as I can, and then delete the rest (both positive and negative). This might not be the best solution, but at least it lets me start fresh during the next day.

No comment gets posted that doesn’t comply with the rules that I have set forth for this blog. You can find those rules in an earlier article. One sure way not to get your comment posted, is to start it with the following sentence, “Bob, I know you won’t post this comment.” Because I have so many comments to look through, when I see this sentence, I agree with the writer and immediately press the delete key.

From Bob Parsons, the CEO of, on his Hot Points! blog. is at the center of a controversy regarding TV ads during last weekend’s Superbowl in the US, one of which was pulled by Fox at the last minute. Some lively discussion about it all on Parsons’ blog.