28 thoughts on “50 more Gmail invites

  1. Hi Nev,
    If you have any Gmail accounts available I would be greatful to try one out….thanks. Perhaps even 2 so I can get one for my girlfriend too??
    Steve in Australia

  2. Hello
    Just tripped across your site having searched google looking for how to open a Gmail account, but it appears one must have to beg and plead for one?? Would love to try one if you still have any to give away.
    (Nice site you have by the way!!)

  3. i’ve been searching the net for hours now on how to have a gmail…seems that i have to be invited first pls if you still have one pleeeaaase give me m beeeggging on bended knees

  4. G´day Neville
    I´d be very grateful if you have a Gmail account to send over.
    Best wishes

  5. Hi everyone, your requests are in, invitations will come to you as soon as I can get a minute to do them all.
    I’m going to need an assistant soon to help me out with this stuff… 😉

  6. Ok, everyone, all invitation on their way.
    Some people are asking for more than one. That’s ok, but I need to have individual email addresses. That’s the way Google’s invitation system works – one invite goes to one specific email address.

  7. I have 200 GMAIL invitations.
    E-mail me and Your wish will be granted.
    NOTE: Google asks for a first and last name for the invitation to be sent as well as your current e-mail. You don’t have to give me your real name if you don’t want to.

  8. Ok, eveyone, sorry for the delays but the invite backlog is being taken care of now!
    No more invites from this point on, so I’m now closing commenting on this post. If anyone still needs invitations, there are a couple of links to other places in the comments above.

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