Hobson & Holtz on the Daily Source Code

Last week, Shel and I recorded a little 30-second MP3 promo that we sent to Adam Curry to raise a little awareness with his Daily Source Code mega-audience of For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, our bi-weekly podcast show on business communication and technology.

Adam played it on yesterday’s DSC!

If you’ve not yeat heard about the DSC, give it a listen. Irreverant internet radio at its most sublime. Required listening to get the day going! To subscribe and get the DSC automatically, sign up for the RSS feed.

You can listen to yesterday’s 41:32-minute show, from San Francisco, which is a mashup, includes some ranting about airport security in New York and news about Jan Polet‘s hit test. Plus our little promo, which starts at about 37:16.

Thanks, Adam!