Communicators give top marks to GM

On Monday, Shel and I interviewed Michael Wiley of General Motors in our bi-weekly podcast show on business communication and technology.

During our conversation with Michael, we discussed a wide range of topics – the GM FastLane Blog, GM’s experiments with podcasting and GM’s plans for further developments with communication channels like blogs, podcasting and RSS.

Quite a few fellow bloggers posted commentaries on that interview in their own blogs. It’s been interesting seeing how those posts have been focused.

A Technorati search of posts on blogs related to communication (PR and marketing mostly) produced a list of many posts. Selected comments:

  • Lee Lefever, Common Craft: I think it’s safe to say that GM is getting it, Cluetrain style. This was great to hear from someone at GM – you should really check out the interview.

  • Constantin Basturea, PR Meets the WWW: GM wants to learn from Fast Lane before launching other blogs. […] congrats to Michael Wiley for engaging in this dialogue!

  • Kevin O’Keefe, LexBlog: Like large law firms, General Motors is learning from its first blog. […] Legal marketing professionals can learn much from GM and their PR blogging efforts.

  • Robin Capper, RobiNZ Blog: I think its a great way for a corporate to break through the barriers of Press and PR and talk directly to the people that matter most – customers and partners.

  • Olivier Tripet, b-spirit: General Motors really appears to be one of the first “non-hitech” companies to implement PR blogging. […] This week, their VP of global communication starts the first internal weblog of the company. Well done!

  • Steve Rubel, Micro Persuasion: […] Michael Wiley, Director New Media, GM Communications, at General Motors – one of the brains behind their blogs.

  • David Burn, AdPulp: GM is not afraid.

  • Morgan McLintic on PR: […] Michael gives candid feedback about the GM Fastlane blog and its podcasts. He highlights that 20% of GM’s journalists are using RSS. If you look at the comments, I queried this and Michael clarifies that this was internal research – but fascinating nonetheless. This is excellent testimonial from a senior communicator at a large corporate about the impact of corporate blogging and podcasting.

  • Philippe Borremans, Conversations: GM has started to podcast and suddenly you see the topic being discussed everywhere.

  • Alan Moore, SMLXL: GM are being far more expansive in utilising digital channels to build far more effective communications with its stakeholders, than just a blogging Vice Chairman.

No, I haven’t just picked the positive comments! I have not found a blog post that has negative opinion. It’s very clear to see that communicators are overwhelmingly positive about what GM is doing with new communication channels.

If you know of other blog postings, please leave a note in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Communicators give top marks to GM

  1. The gentalman from General Motors Corporation seems to want to be on top of all the new communications tools available today. May I suggest he utilize some of the older forums to gauge how the consumers of his products are fairing. Maybe they should read for honest feedback and product critique. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of information and conduits for it available. In some strange way I hope I connect with those GM folk’s who claim they want to know the pulse of their customers. Thank you for letting me use your site.

  2. Good comments, David.
    I took a look at the caddyinfo forums – a great example of a place customers and enthusiasts go to talk about a shared passion, praise and complaints.
    I can’t speak for GM, but I’d be very surprised if they weren’t paying attention to what’s going on in these forums.
    The great thing about the FastLane blog, though, is that here you have a place where you can give honest feedback and product critique directly to the top executives of the company. Other than sitting down face-to-face with Bob Lutz, I can’t imagine a better opportunity you’d have for a direct conversation.
    Give it a go!

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