Firefox extensions add great functionality

One of the great things about Firefox is the vast range of extensions you can add it to.

These are little applications that you install into the browser which give you some great additional functionality. My two current favourites are Tab Browser Preferences (adding enhanced control over what you can do with tabs) and Spellbound (which gives you a spell checker for web forms – especially useful when you leave comments to blog posts).

You can find these and a rich range of other extensions at the Firefox extensions page.

I found another great one the other day – Forecastfox, which gives you weather forecasts from almost any place you want, right in your browser. It uses data from and you can customize its settings almost any way you want – what to forecast, how many days, where in the browser you want your icons, etc.

As the small graphic shows, you hover your mouse over one of the forecast icons to get a tooltip-type display. Of course, you can always just look out your window, but this is more fun!

The three extensions I’ve highlighted, by the way, are all versions that will work with the latest Firefox 1.0.1 release.

Speaking of weather, we’ve had the most unsusual snow conditions in Amsterdam for the past two days. Constant snow, light mostly but a good six inches lying on the ground now. I uploaded some photos to Flickr taken at various times during the day yesterday between 9am and about 8pm if you want to see what it looks like from my home office window.