The Hobson and Holtz Report – Podcast #14: March 10, 2005

Content summary: Listeners’ comments about the interview with Robert Scoble; how to get podcasts automatically with podcatcher software; discussion about the Robert Scoble interview; a new PR blog and a resurrected one make their debuts; communication consultancies focused on new-media channels; IABC; a little rant about Blogrolling.

Show notes for March 10, 2005

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Welcome to For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, a 55-minute conversation recorded live from Concord, California, USA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Download the file here (MP3, 22.1MB), or sign up for the RSS feed to get it and future shows automatically. (For automatic synchronization with your iPod or other digital player, you’ll also need software such as the FeedDemon RSS aggregator, or the free ipodder or DopplerRadio).

In this week’s show:


  • 00:31 Shel and Neville on what’s in this week’s show; how to give your feedback; show notes
  • 01:47 Comments from the last show


  • 10:09 How to use a podcatcher
  • 14:48 The Robert Scoble interview – what did we think?
  • 21:50 A new PR blog (KD Paine) and a resurrected one (Burson-Marsteller)
  • 27:26 Blogging Planet and new-channel consultancies
  • 32:36 IABC – leadership directions, transparency in discussion, the Chair blog
  • 37:54 Shel and Neville – IABC Fellow and Lip-Sticking feature, respectively
  • 43:02 Rant – Neville on


  • 47:00 Next interview: Steve Rubel, Monday March 14; how to give your feedback; show notes; about the music and the band; outro music

Links for the blogs, individuals, companies and organizations we discussed or mentioned in the show:

Intro – Richard Rowan, Sheri Rosen, The Red Couch, Scott Solomon, Peter West, Josh Hallett, Will Simpson.

Topics – iPodder, Doppler Radio, Adam Curry, Lisa Williams, iPodder ‘how-to’ video, FeedDemon, Nick Bradbury, iTunes, iPod, Robert Scoble, Outlook, Microsoft, Office marketing site, Teleo, Skype, KD Paine, Delahaye MediaLink, Burson-Marsteller blog, Pew Internet Survey, Andy Lark, Constantin Basturea, Blogging Planet, Elizabeth Albrycht, Guillaume du Gardier, Christophe Ducamp, CooperKatz, Steve Rubel, Mercer, IABC, Allan Jenkins, Brian Kilgore, Robert Holland, Warren Bickford, Ron Martin, Bobby Resnick, John Aspery, Philip Douglas, Roger D’Aprix, Wilma Matthews, Chris Bunting, Fred Halperin, Brad Whitworth, Norm Leaper, Ian Hawkins, Ann Forest, Tudor Williams, Les Potter, IABC International Conference, Lip-Sticking, Yvonne DiVita, New Communications Forum 2005, Windsor Media Enterprises, Blogrolling, TypePad,, Bloglines.

Outro – Phil Lesh & Friends, RIAA, For Immediate Release, A Shel of My Former Self, NevOn.

Audio issue note: We’re sorry that audio quality over Skype in this show was somewhat patchy at times when Neville spoke. We hope it doesn’t spoil your listening enjoyment.

If you have comments or questions about this show, or suggestions for our future shows, email us at You can email your comments, questions and suggestions as MP3 file attachments, if you wish (max. 5Mb attachment, please!). We’ll be happy to see how we can include your audio contribution in a show.

So, until Monday, March 14…

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