Defining the future of blogs and social networks in Europe

A conference taking place in Paris next month is rapidly shaping up into what could be a defining event in Europe about social networks, corporate blogging, nanopublishing and where it’s all heading.

An initiative by Loic Le Meur, Executive VP Europe of Six Apart, the one-day event was originally known as "Internet 2.0." It has quickly evolved into Les Blogs and takes place on 25 April.

Les Blogs has attracted sponsors – including the French Senate in whose historic debating chamber the event will be held – plus an impressive speaker line-up comprising some of the most well-known movers and shakers in the global new media space, from the USA, China, Japan and across Europe.

When I signed up earlier this week, there were some 40 participants. Today it’s hit the 200 limit and there is now a waiting list.

If you have a strong interest – indeed, a passion – to be part of a defining business event in Europe, this looks like the one to be at.

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2 thoughts on “Defining the future of blogs and social networks in Europe

  1. Hi Neville,
    I will be there! Good to know that they found a larger room. They can have 250 participant now. The waiting list is gone and there are 244 participant yet! 6 to go.

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