The deafening silence continues

Eric Eggertson, an IABC member in Canada, writes:

[…] In 10 short days I’ve gone from being a fairly satisfied IABC member with a benign attitude toward the organization’s leadership to an annoyed skeptic, wondering why such a simple organizational communications matter can’t be dealt with quickly and effectively. If the silence continues much longer, my discontent will become anger. All because IABC can’t seem to involve itself in a discussion about its future direction, and what needs to happen for it to be the pre-eminent international association for the PR profession.

As the polite Canadian in the small group of critics publicly questioning IABC’s leadership approach, I can only say, "Get your act together so we can get the organization headed in the right direction. (Please.)"

The discussion Eric refers to – an extremely open and transparent discussion – has been taking place on Allan Jenkins’ blog during the past ten days.

If IABC members like Eric begin to articulate such feelings, this should be a big alarm bell for IABC’s current leadership. If they aren’t hearing the bell already, that is.

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