Tips for successful media relations

If you’re a PR pro, you have your text books and you’ve done the training on how to relate to journalists and how to handle media interviews.

Well, put those things away and take look at some sound advice from David Tebbutt, a journalist in the UK who’s been there, done that and got the 16 t-shirts.

David has put together a concise online workshop that offers some excellent tips and tricks for media relations in the real world where the Cluetrain hasn’t yet penetrated:

  1. Know your readers – the most important people in the world
  2. Hooking your emotions – this is what can make you blurt an indiscretion
  3. Gimme the proof – supporting evidence is vital. Without it, you’re just hot air
  4. Controlling the interview 1 – the basics of keeping out of trouble and moving to a message
  5. Controlling the interview 2 – how to move away from danger and bring the journalist with you
  6. Tricks to make you blurt – overview of the tricks that might be played on you
  7. Message writing – this is about the underpinning messages: the drivers
  8. A sense of perspective – words of reassurance, in case you’re worried
  9. Being off-duty – you’re always on duty when on company business, even if it’s a party

David also offers media training workshops (I first met David at such a workshop he was running) and develops what he calls wit-gathering software.

Some great resources for communicators.