IABC prepares relaunch of Chair blog

A post late yesterday on the IABC Chair Blog by outgoing IABC Chairman David Kistle is prefaced by this prominent statement:

Look for the all-new IABC Blog at this URL, starting Wednesday, 6 April.

I imagine this is a typo (like the post headline: “Bloogin’s cool…”) and the text should say “Look for the all-new IABC Chair Blog…”

Speaking frankly about the difficulties he confronted in writing posts for the blog, Kistle says:

[…] So, facing the reality that blogging isn’t my thing, this is my last post. Does this mean the end of the Chairman’s Blog? No. Warren Bickford, ABC (IABC/Regina) is eager to take the wheel and kick the blog into high gear. And, the timing is perfect. Warren becomes chairman in June so he’ll have a few months to ramp up.

The blog has been the subject of withering criticism, including by some IABC members who blog – me as well – since its launch last October. Weeks, then months, of gaps between posts were at the heart of such criticisms.

Incoming IABC Chair Warren Bickford has big plans for this blog, according to comments he’s made in Memberspeak, IABC’s member-only discussion forum. “I’m looking forward to the challenge,” he says.

Benefit of the doubt time starts this coming Wednesday.

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3 thoughts on “IABC prepares relaunch of Chair blog

  1. Actually, I believe it’s being renamed. Warren’s not the chair but he’ll be writing it, so it can’t be the Chair’s blog.

  2. I, too, had several invitations. I accepted them all, and they’re now all showing up as connections on my page. I think you should go ahead and just accept them all. It’s the same as getting an invitation to get LinkedIn, I think.

  3. I suppose that makes sense, Shel. But if it’s being renamed because Warren’s not yet the chairman, does that mean it will be renamed back again when he is chairman in June? Now that doesn’t make sense!
    I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday.

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