UK general election called

The UK general election will take place on Thursday 5 May, confirming the date which has been widely rumoured for weeks.

Prime Minister Tony Blair made the announcement from Downing Street a short while ago.

If the governing Labour Party wins, it will give Blair his third successive term in office as Prime Minister.

So a month-long election campaign now begins. Expect UK news to be full of not much else for the forseeable future. One of the very interesting things to see is the role bloggers may play in the election campaign.

Will we see blogger commentary and opinion reflecting every political point of view imaginable? Will we see the rise of political blog commentary reach the relative influencing levels such as we saw in the US presidential election last year? Will we see those politicians who blog use their blogs as innovative campaign communication channels?

In short, will we see blogging become a ‘mainstream’ communication channel within the overall media space?

Yes, I believe we will see all these things.

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