The Dutch company where everyone’s a blogger

Fredrik Wackå posted a great report today about Macaw Nederland, a Dutch technology company and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, whose 110 employees all blog.

Fredrik says:

At Macaw all employees have their own internal blog. They get it when they get their network, intranet and e-mail account. Not only do they have blogs – they use them. 90 percent of the 110 employees are internal bloggers.

Very interesting – a real indicator happening right now of what’s coming in the workplace that I wrote about in December. It won’t come everywhere and it won’t be immediate. But it’s one example of what many companies will do.

It’s also an indicator of what is already happening – companies are quietly enabling new media channels like blogs in the workplace which we hear about only when a report like Fredrik’s appears. Think about the Intel COO blog, for example, or IBM’s 2,800 employee bloggers.

In Macaw Nederland’s case, they’ve been doing it for at least a year. Talk about leading edge early adoption.

It’s especially great to see the example Fredrik reports from a company here in The Netherlands. So not everything is happening in France, it seems!

Read Fredrik’s post for detailed information on what Macaw Nederland’s employees are doing with their blogs, and what they say about the business benefits they gain. And not only internal blogging – they have external blogs, too.

4 thoughts on “The Dutch company where everyone’s a blogger

  1. Bij Macaw bloggen ze allemaal!

    Op CorporateBlogging aandacht voor de weblogactiviteiten van Macaw . Bij Macaw bloggen alle 110 medewerkers! Kijk dat is andere koek. De meeste zijn intern (klik op het plaatje), maar een aantal zijn…

  2. A very interesting article, James. Deserves some considered attention not just a quick comment! I’ll get back to you…
    Good post, Ton. I think Macaw deserves exposure as they are a terrific example for other organizations to consider. In our podcast yesterday, Shel and I discussed what Macaw is doing.

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