IABC blog relaunched

Yesterday, the IABC Café opened for business, with incoming IABC chairman Warren Bickford behind the bar and in the kitchen.

The new name for the relaunched blog – and the strapline "A gathering place for professional communicators" – offers a clear and encouraging glimpse into how this blog might develop.

In his first post, Warren says:

What you see today are four relatively bare walls. As we build the Café together, I hope it grows and evolves into a dynamic, interesting and always welcoming meeting place. I envision a funky neighborhood spot where locals drop by for lively conversation and friendly argument, to catch up on their reading, or just to hang out and get away for a while. I look forward to the adventure and I invite you to stop by – often.

This is an encouraging beginning – and a new beginning it definitely is, with refreshing informality and reflecting a nice sense of the author’s personality.

And what a contrast  – two opposite views on blogging, by incoming chairman (Warren) and outgoing chairman (David Kistle), in answer to this multiple question posed in interviews this week with Warren and David by Jeremy Pepper:

Which blogs do you read? And do you see blogs as important to the profession?

  • Bickford: I read all of the ones you mentioned, and it is absolutely important to the growth of the profession.
  • Kistle: Unless I am directed to go look at one, I do not regularly read blogs. My take is blogs are personal soapboxes, as opposed to a business catalyst for thought in an academic sense. I see blogs more as hype right now, than substance. If that continues, they will not remain strong. If it grows beyond vicarious strength, they will probably take. As a business model, blogging is in the experimentation stage. Blogs address the innovative and early adopter/influencer at the front end of the bell curve. It will go either the way of the 8-track or the way of the iPod. If blogs become a meaningful, accessible means to an end – such as building constituencies, support, and communities – then it’s a good thing.

The name, design and structure of the relaunched blog clearly reflects Warren’s views. And, there’s the beginning of blogrolls with connections to other blogs and websites. As with the Kistle version, the blog is run on WordPress, has commenting (moderated as before), trackbacks and RSS feed (to which I’ve now re-subscribed).

A great start, Warren. Good luck on your new adventure.

6 thoughts on “IABC blog relaunched

  1. Warren Bickford Takes Over IABC Blog

    Incoming IABC Chairman Warren Bickford has taken over the IABC Chair’s Blog, which has been struggling since its launch last October. And in doing so, he’s redefining

  2. As a new IABC member, I know I’m certainly looking forward to the changes.
    I think the “new” blog should be a group effort. Warren should ask a few IABC board members to post regularly. I think we’d all benefit from that kind of exchange.

  3. Hi Mark. I think that’s precisely what Warren intends – a group, collaborative effort. Not just other Board members, either.
    It’s certainly a very encouraging re-start, one that I’m very impressed with.
    Why not go on over there and say hello? And get your blog listed in the embryonic IABC member blogroll.

  4. You’re right, Neville. I do intend to have guest bloggers, particularly for when I am tied up with family, work or travel commitments. I am in the process of recruiting guests and should have more on this later next week.
    I agree, Robb, I hope more board members and members will comment.

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