The future of radio arrives

BBC News: DJs Paul Gambaccini and Tony Blackburn are backing a new website offering radio shows for digital audio players. Podshows will offer shows to download to iPods and other players for between 49p and 99p each. Gambaccini, Blackburn, Steve Penk and former Radio 1 DJ Wes Butters are among the hosts lined up.

Last month there was news that Adam Curry can make you an iPod radio star, and maybe even help you make money at it through his Podshow offering.

Now there’s Podshows (note the plural). They’ve set out their stall pretty clearly:

Let’s face it, who wants radio anymore? The reason you bought an MP3 player is because you want to hear what you want, when you want. That’s where comes in – it’s the world’s first website to give you unique downloadable radio shows.

According to the BBC report, former Radio 1 DJ Wes Butters and former Virgin Radio DJ Daryl Denham the are backers of Podshows.

Choice quotes:

“In two years’ time this is the way people will consume radio,” Denham said.

“Soon everybody will have the technology to get these shows and consume them,” added Butters.

Whether it takes two years, more or less, this is the future.

BBC News | Entertainment | UK DJs backing podcasting outfit

3 thoughts on “The future of radio arrives

  1. Last week, I heard a talk radio host announce to his listeners that his show will soon be available as a podcast. I was very impressed.
    San Diego, CA

  2. Let me know when there is a radio show that automatically mixes chat from my favourite radio presenter with my choice of preferred music AND new stuff in the same vein that I might like to buy. And I want it in the car. And I want the news / weather. And I don’t want to pay to download it – get a cut from me buying the new music or endure some ads.

  3. Guy, you can be sure that “all of the above” will soon apply to what you’re asking for. Someone will be offering exactly that. Just a matter of time.

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