Just one of those days

‘Harried’ would be a good word to describe my day today. Sorry for
the absence of new, original and/or intelligent content in this blog

So, for today, I’m going to be purely a connector.
I’d like to offer you a half-dozen places to go and content to see that
I’m sure you’ll find interesting. And then, I’m actually taking the
weekend off.

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday!

  • Newspapers should embrace blogs – listen to Rupert Murdoch’s speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors on 13 April. 38-minute audio, free download.
  • If you issue press releases, Tom Murphy has some tips
    on how to check beforehand whether your email press release will make
    it through your recipients’  anti-spam filters or not.
  • The BBC has released a version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    for smartphones and handheld computers. The portable edition contains
    7,000 articles from the H2G2 website covering life, the Universe and
    everything. Phone and PDA users can get access to it by sending "H2G2"
    in a text message to 81010 or visiting http://www.bbc.co.uk/mobile/h2g2.
  • Talking about the BBC, a news report today says that the BBC is
    making 20 more radio shows available for listeners to download onto
    their digital music players. The BBC News report says these are podcasts but you can’t get them via RSS: you have to go to the website and manually download the. So who’s quibbling over what’s in a name?
  • The May edition of PC World magazine (the only print magazine I still subscribe to) has a great feature on 50 ways to make software do more.
    The features describes 65 add-ons to various Windows programs, many
    free, and I’d almost guarantee you will find at least three things of
    value here.
  • Another excellent and so-helpful screencast from John Udell, on content, services, Google AutoLink, LibraryLookup, Greasemonkey, Google Maps, and OpenSearch. He makes it all so easy to understand.

6 thoughts on “Just one of those days

  1. No need to apologize Neville. With the podcasts you do, I’m always amazed you’re able to produce anything for your blog, much less the usual 3-6 items a day. Have a good weekend, and don’t worry about contributing to the collective wisdom of the world until next week.

  2. More useful software

    Neville Hobson tipped his Nevon readers off about some neat utilities listed in PC World magazine. I downloaded one, a free directory listing program called JR Directory Printer. Worked a treat. It automatically opened my default text program, TextPad,…

  3. BBC podcast – or not!

    The BBC has announced that it is to podcast upto 20 radio programmes including In Business. Good news. I like In Business and frequently miss it. Listening at my PC with Real Player is inconveniet. A podcast to listen to on my Palm T5 is much mo…

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